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Como dizer em inglês....

           "dedo-duro" e "dedar (ou dedurar)"



There are a few words in English for  "delatar/denunciar/ entregar" someone or a situation. Observe the examples:

snitch  /tattle

= as a verb: She snitched on / tattled on her brother Paul when he skipped class.  

or:              She snitched to / tattled to her mother about Paul skipping class.  

Observe the different propositions used (on, to). If you snitch/tattle somone (deda alguém), you snitch on someone; but when you give the information you snitch/tattle to someone about someone else (deda, denuncia para alguém sobre outra pessoa, ou alguma coisa).

= as a noun:  She is a snitch.


blow the wistle (verb) = Raul blew the whistle (denunciou) on the company's illegal practices.

wistle-blower (noun, the person who blows the wistle) =  Raul is a wistle-blower.


wistleblowing (noun, the information that was revealed) = After the wistleblowing, the company had tho pay high fees and it was closed for good.Após a denúncia, a empresa teve que pagar altas taxas e foi fechada definitivamente.

 Are you a snitch?

Other verbs for dedurar, entregar, denunciar, delatar:

squeal = One of the guys squealed to the police about the smuggling plan. Um dos caras delatou à polícia sobre os planos do contrabando.

give away  = He's not good at keeping secrets - he gives himself away by his fearful look. Ele se entrega/se denuncia pelo olhar de medo.

tip off /tell on = He tipped off.  Ele deu a dica, denunciou. / My sister told me on - now my mom knows my secret. Minha irmã me entregou/dedou...

turn in = The owner of the store that was robbed captured the delinquent and turned him in.  O dono da loja que foi roubada capturou o delinquente e o entregou (à polícia).

backstab  /rat on  (it's mostly used in context of betrayal between people who should be allies, like a gang, or a group that are acting together in a same plan. Note that "turn in" is not necessarily used as a betrayal ) = The new student backstabed / ratted on the group and the principal of the school became aware of the bomb. O novato dedurou/entregou seu próprio grupo (traindo  o próprio grupo ao qual pertencia) e o diretor da escola ficou sabendo sobre a bomba (que eles haviam criado).





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