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Como Converter Fahrenheit para Celsius?
Como dizer "mormaço" em inglês?


Dicas de Inglês, rain or shine!It's almost summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and it has been really nice and warm!
I know... if you are in the Southern Hemisphere you could care less  (você nem liga) for my good weather, right? Mas... como dizer em inglês... ?  You are getting the cool days (dias frios) already, chilly nights (noites geladas), and may even have some frost (geada) if you are down south. Good time for hot cocoa (chocolate quente),  bonfire (fogueira), and a cozy home (lar aconchegante) smelling like home-made bread (pão caseiro). 
That's my view of winter... what is yours? What do you like the most about winter? Or about summer? 
Write to LEP telling your weather preferences. You practice, I help you with your text, and you learn more! Weather is a big issue in the USA. Americans are always concerned about it, checking the weather channels on TV, radio, and Internet. If you are talking to an American, or if you are in the USA for a visit, you'd better know a bit about weather words and temperature conversion. It will help your conversation!  
Here in Rockford, Illinois, today it's partly cloudy. Humidity is 33%, and wind is N at 15mph  (comes from north at 15 miles per hour).   The temperature is around 72ºF (around 22ºC) - H79º | L48º.

Hmmmm... H79º | L48º?  Fahrenheit??

Ok, H and L, as you may have guessed, means High (a máxima para o dia) and Low (a mínima).

Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion?  That's a little tricky... but there is an equation to convert these temperature scales. 
Veja como fazer a conversão de Celsius para Fahrenheit, e vice-versa. 
 ºF  => ºC

Seu amigo americano diz que está 75ºF onde ele mora. E você quer saber a quantos graus Celsius essa temperatura equivale.

De Fahrenheit para Celsius, você faz a seguinte equação:

ºF - 32 / 9 x 5 = ºC

(the temperature given in Fahrenheit, minus 32, divided by 9, times 5, equals the temperature in Celsius). 

Cool, huh?

So, 75 ºF   is    23.88 ºC  (you can round it up to 24 ºC)


 ºC  => ºF

Qual a temperatura agora no Rio Grande do Sul, BR? 16ºC? Se você está conversando com seu amigo americano, ele talvez não tenha a noção de quantos graus Fahrenheit esse número representa, então você converte, com a equação oposta à primeira (de trás para frente, invertendo as operações):

ºC / 5 x 9 + 32 = ºF

(the temperature given in Celsius, divided by 5, times 9, plus 32, equals the temperature in Fahrenheit). 

So, 16ºC  is   60.8 ºF (you can round it up to 61ºF)

Enough of numbers! Back to words, now:

O dia está nublado e com mormaço    
=>  It's overcast (or cloudy) and  sultry
A primeira vez que eu quis dizer a palavra "mormaço" em inglês, foi uma complicação. Eu não sabia a palavra e o jeito foi explicar: "that hot, humid, heavy air that makes you very hot and unconfortable and makes it difficult to breathe." The person who I was talking to, understood what I was meaning. The word for "mormaço", as I learned later, is "sultry"  /'sãltri/. 
More words: 
Fog / mist / haze = neblina 
Foggy / misty / hazy morning = manhã com neblina 
Dew /du:/  =  orvalho (I love to take pictures of flowers covered with morning dew.) 
Happy Hot Days to you, above the equator line; and Happy Cool Days  to you, below the equator line! Whatever is the season or the weather, remember to have fun! 

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Dúvidas de gramática, cultura, expressões idiomáticas em inglês? 
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A Nut of  Culture:
Fahrenheit /'færənhaɪt/ is a family name (sobrenome). Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (1686–1736) was a German physicist who invented a system for measuring temperature by using a mercury-filled thermometer; therefore called Fahrenheit Scale.

Celsius  /'selsjəs/ is a family name, too. Anders Celsius (1701-1744) was a Swedish astronomer who invented the Centigrade temperature scale; therefore, Celsius Scale.


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