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Traffic Terms: passarela, faixa de pedestre, cortar (ultrapassar), pedágio, rotatória, multa, etc...

Travessia de Pedestres

Como dizer em inglês...?

  • semáforo (sinal ou farol) = traffic light, stoplight
  • velocidade máxima = speed limit
  • passarela = overpass
  • viaduto = overpass
  • passagem subterrânea ou sob uma ponte = underpass
  • desvio = detour / bypass
  • faixa de pedestre = crosswalk, pesdestrian crossing, (Brit.:) zebra walk.
  • pedágio = toll
  • rodovias com pedágio = turnpike / toll road
  • rotatória = roundabout
  • mão única = one way
  • contra-mão = wrong way
  • cortar/ultrapassar = pass
  • multa = fine
  • o policial fez sinal pra eu encostar = I was pulled over
  • congestionamento = traffic congestion, slow traffic; traffic jam (slang)
  • Detran = DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle)
  • apreensão de veículo = vehicle impound
  • carros  guinchados = cars towed away
  • batida de raspão = scratch
  • (deu uma) amassada na porta (do carro) = (it made) a dent on the (car's) door.
  • a batida acabou com o carro = the car was totaled (totalled, in British English)
  • dar a preferência = to yield
  • dirigir sob a influência de álcool or drogas = DUI (Drive Under Influence )
    • P.S. Do not mix up DUI with IUD. The latter means Intra Uterine Device. You will not be fined because of IUD! Not yet!


Did you know that?

-Each state in the USA has different driving rules and regulations. 

- Only three states in the USA (Illinois, Iowa and New Hempshire) do not have a motorcycle helmet law. In the other states to protect your head is a law, not a choice!

- In Illinois we can renew our Driver's License through the Internet, phone or mail, as long as we haven't gotten a fine for the last fours years.

- To use the cell phone while driving is prohibited by law in Chicago, but it is NOT in Rockford! :-D   Nevertheless, texting is! 

- In some states, like Connecticut and Pennsylvania it's prohibited by law to carry a bottle or wine or other liquor in the car, if it  has been already opened. Even if it's in the trunck, far away from the driver's hands!!! Go figure!!  So, drink up all that booze before you leave the bar!  ;-)  Then you better walk home!

 Pedestrian crossing

There you go Uncle Sam! What else should we do, or not do, to be the good ones, huh?


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